Shouting in the forest and Twitter

1 minute reading

I remember when I was a kid my grandfather taught me the art of “salomar”. This thing may appear very weird to non Panamanians but it has a simple origin; a long time ago when the men went to work in the field it was a way to show to the other men “I am here, and still alive working”, some kind of “heartbeat”. Sometimes somebody will answer, sometimes they won’t.

This is like being alone in the middle of a forest (or well, the bush if you are Australian) and start shouting. Now just imagine that sometimes you shout not only with a “heartbeat” but your thoughts, your ideas, sometimes you scream for help, sometimes you are answering back, sometimes those shouting people in the middle of the forest would meet together to share a cup of tea… That is what shouting in the forest looks like, you know, after all, it’s the forest, big, dense, full of life.

The problem is that we use to forget that in the same way shouting in the forest can attract predators and you know, predators are a bad thing they just want to harm, to eat you, after all, most predators are not evil, it’s just their nature . Sometimes you run and continue shouting, and predators will follow… sometimes, when this happens, it’s better to stop shouting.

Compare this with Twitter, that’s your forest, you have an ecosystem full of friendly beings but we have predators around. Learn when to shout, learn when to be quiet.